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Shed Seven Crew T-Shirt


Release Date: 11/12/2020

Help us support our crew with this limited ‘Shed Seven Crew’ T- shirt

Hi everyone, as we all know times are tough for many individuals and businesses at the moment and our thoughts are with everyone who is struggling.

Live events and the entertainment industry are one of the hardest hit areas and we wanted to do a small something to say thanks to our road crew for their great work over the years. They are the people that make the shows happen and have not been able to get out and work since March. Nobody knows exactly when live events will return and the future remains uncertain for them and their families.

All profits from this shirt will go to them and it will be available until November 30th 2020 and shipped on or around December 11th 2020.

Love from Shed Seven.

*Disclaimer ... Although this t-shirt might make you look like a crew member, it probably won’t give you access to the stage on the next tour ;)

Size Guide

Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
S 46 71
M 51 74
L 56 77
XL 61 79
2XL 66 83
3XL 71 86